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The health sector can be a minefield when launching your startup or business. Learn the 5 steps to create adoptable & scalable solutions that make an impact.

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Entrepreneurs are best placed to bring innovative solutions to life, helping solve the problems we face.

In 2015, Accenture studied nearly 900 health startups. They found that 51% were “zombie startups”, at risk to die. Of course, it depends how we define ‘failure’ and indeed a “startup” versus a traditional “business”. Startups are, after all, experiments with innovative solutions, prone to failure. 

If you are like most Entrepreneurs new to the health sector, you are frustrated by the slow speed, regulatory hurdles, and never-ending rabbit holes. Traditional methods of market research and discussions with clinical board advisors are simply not enough. In the world of health and care, it is not that easy to see how the money flows, how decisions are made, and who the customer and stakeholders truly are. 

To make things worse, startups sadly run out of capital prematurely, failing to reach product-market fit in time, but also because the health sector is renowned for its long sales cycles, and its demand for quantitative and qualitative evidence. 

This leads to wasted time & money on sub-optimal solutions and business models

As an experienced Entrepreneur, you know that you can bring on board advisors, but do they give you a full 360-view?

As a Public Health Physician, my mission is to improve population health & wellbeing. I do that by helping Entrepreneurs like you to create solutions that make an impact. That's why I created THE checklist every Health Entrepreneur needs.



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Learn from Dr Behrooz Behbod, a.k.a., The Entrepreneur's Doctor

Harvard, Oxford, UK NHS & US CDC trained preventive medicine / public health physician with 20+ years of international experience.

Co-founder & CEO at Chironics.ai | Chief Medical Officer at Spryt.com


Heath Stone

Former Police Officer, Serial Entrepreneur, & Founder at Uncommon Diabetic Solutions

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