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Overcome the challenges you'll face, from securing funding & getting product market fit, to growing your venture to improve healthcare and public health. 

Free Checklist & Training

Seen A Problem In Health & Care?

Inspired to create a startup with a solution, but missing the health or business knowledge?

You may have felt a personal problem with your health journey, or perhaps caring for a loved one.

You may be a Serial Entrepreneur wanting better business ideas by learning about the problems in the health sector.

You may be new to entrepreneurship, looking to learn basic business concepts and skills, but don't have the time or budget to return to university.

You may have tried traditional accelerators, but felt they were too short, didn't get the opportunity to develop connections with peers, and don't want to lose more equity as you look to streamline your route to product-market fit and business growth.


Want To Help Startups & Entrepreneurs?

Looking to serve as a Health Advisor, Consultant, or Chief Health / Medical Officer, but not sure how? 

You may be looking to create a business of your own, offering your knowledge and experience with innovative startups & scaleups.

You may not want to leave your clinical practice entirely, unsure how to balance both roles.

Alternatively, you may be thinking of leaving your job because of burnout and long work hours, unsure how to create a business that offers better work-life balance, freedom to choose where, when, and how you work, while still being of service.


We Belong To The Same Tribe

Team up with Dr Behrooz Behbod, The Entrepreneur's Doctor

Harvard, Oxford, UK NHS & US CDC trained preventive medicine / public health physician with 20+ years of international experience.

Chief Medical Officer at Spryt.com | Advisor at Fountech Ventures

Mentor at Founder Institute | Live Class Host at ThePowerMBA 

Let's Talk Digital Health Panelist at GE Healthcare Wayra EDISON Accelerator


Democratising Health Entrepreneurship

After a decade of contemplating my pivot into entrepreneurship, I always felt alone 

Yet after my own burnout in 2020, I spent time reflecting before deciding to combine my public health practice with my passion of solving the problems in health and care by empowering a tribe of fellow Changemakers worldwide.

That’s why in 2021, I created the Startup Therapy Accelerator, designed to be unlike any other accelerator.

With a mission to democratise health entrepreneurship: 

* We are free to join 

* We don't take equity from your venture 

 * We offer lifelong membership


Benefits include:


Health & Care Tribe

Weekly live and interactive talks & discussion about:

* Health sector needs

* Analysis of startup ideas from the latest research & innovation

* Business 101 for new founders and business owners

* Startup pitches

* Tips for better Entrepreneur success in life, health, and work


Virtual Summit

Learn on demand from a terrific line-up of international speakers.

Includes subject matter experts and Health Entrepreneurs at various stages of their own journey.


Global Community

24/7 online platform to connect with a growing rolodex of changemakers and potential partners.


Startup Therapy Checklist

The checklist every Health Entrepreneur needs.



With You Every Step Of The Way


Entrepreneur's Checklist

5 steps to navigate, influence, and grow your health venture.


Weekly Podcast

Business ideas & startup stories for Health Entrepreneurs.


Free Accelerator & Summit

Learn from experts & connect with changemakers.


Join Your Global Tribe

Free live weekly calls to connect, collaborate, & co-create.


Health Sector Mastery

Strategic Insights for new & serial Entrepreneurs.


CMO Service

For highly select health ventures looking to grow.


Strategic Consulting

Book a one-to-one video call with The Entrepreneur's Doctor.


Promote Your Venture

Be my special guest on The Entrepreneur's Doctor podcast.

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