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Our free audiobook, A Happy, Peaceful Life: Have We Got It All Wrong About Work, Health, & Love is here to offer you a fresh perspective. 



About the Author


This is not just a book; it's a complimentary coaching experience that invites you to share your insights and questions with Dr. Behrooz Behbod, a Harvard & Oxford-trained specialist in preventive medicine and population health with over a quarter-century of international experience.


As The Entrepreneur's Doctor, his transformative coaching empowers entrepreneurs with the insights they need to thrive in business and life.


While Dr Behrooz has a medical background, his coaching focuses on personal and professional growth for entrepreneurs, not health coaching or advice.  



Book Reviews


"This audio book takes you on an immersive journey of contemplation, learning and self discovery. Beautifully narrated, the author’s perspectives are shared with passion and heart, allowing a deep experience of how the mind works, how we live in the experience of our thinking, and how to navigate life with joy and grace." -Anthony


"If you wish to harness your passion for positive impact and transfer it into a thriving and joyful life, then Behrooz has you covered! With stage-by-stage fundamentals that are easy to grasp, his work truly has it all to inspire creativity, wellbeing, and productivity." -Surayyah 


"I listened to this during a long car drive with my partner and we both found it to be relaxing and we felt inspired to look at some of the issues in our lives in a different way. I found it most enlightening." -Pariya 


"The content of your audiobook is great! And you have a very pleasing voice to listen to! My biggest takeaways: ‘There’s always more than one way forward,’ and ‘We’re always one insight away.’ Two great things to consider for the work I am trying to do, thank you!" -Kim


"Dr. Behbod’s book is beautifully written and read. The words are powerful including the reminder that we are only one insight away. I enjoyed listening to it very much especially allowing the door for more curiosity and deeper thinking. Would recommend this book!" -Amna



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