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It’s Time To Revitalise Your Entrepreneurial Spirit, So You Can Navigate Challenges & Create Impact With Joy & Ease!


 This is for you if you're longing for:

The exhilaration of feeling fully engaged and alive in your work...
Unearthing a vision that not only excites but deeply resonates with you...
Inspiring your team and those around you with a contagious energy...
Crafting a crystal-clear roadmap that aligns with your true purpose...
Transitioning from dreaming about your vision to embodying and living it...
Overcoming any hurdle with grace, turning obstacles into stepping stones...
Creating a legacy that reflects your deepest values and unique contributions...
or seeking to uncover something even more profound?


Imagine, for a moment, the ancient tradition of baking flatbreads; a practice as old as civilisation itself. At its core, it's a simple blend of flour and water.


Basic? Absolutely. But also essential and foundational.


Now, let's introduce yeast into this equation. This modest ingredient, often overlooked, is actually a powerhouse of potential. It takes our simple flatbread and elevates it, infusing it with life, texture, and flavour. It transforms the mundane into something truly remarkable.


This is the essence of what a catalyst can do. It's an agent of profound change, accelerating processes and outcomes with seemingly little effort, yet it remains unchanged. It finds a way around obstacles, creating paths to success that were previously unseen.


This concept, though straightforward, is deeply profound. It reflects the incredible power of insights to navigate through the complexities of business, transforming basic foundations into unparalleled achievements.


So, where do insights come from?


Picture yourself on the precipice of a vast cliff, gazing out into the endless horizon. This edge offers more than just a view; it presents a vision; a broad, unobstructed perspective that reveals paths and opportunities hidden from the valley below.


This is what our catalyst calls are designed to do. These are not just mere conversations; they are ventures into the very brink of your potential, pushing the limits of what you know and inviting you to explore the unknown.


Here, on the cusp between the familiar and the uncharted, we ignite the sparks of insight that have the power to fundamentally transform your business and life.



What if you were just one insight away from:


Revitalising Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Like a catalyst making reactions feasible under milder conditions, strategic insights can help you navigate through the fog of daily challenges with unparalleled clarity and ease. This newfound perspective can turn potential setbacks into stepping stones towards growth.


Building Unparalleled Resilience

Insights act as your competitive edge, much like a catalyst ensures reactions proceed regardless of external conditions. Imagine not just weathering market fluctuations and setbacks but using them as fuel for your determination, creativity, and leadership.


Transforming Your Business Relationships

Just as a catalyst changes how elements interact, the right insight can enhance your interactions with partners, clients, and team members. Envision fostering a culture of collaboration, open communication, and mutual respect, pivotal for success.


Unleashing Creativity and Innovation

A catalyst facilitates the creation of something new and valuable, paralleling how a fresh insight can break conventional thinking patterns. Imagine a continuous flow of innovative ideas and solutions, setting new standards in your industry.


Facilitating Personal and Professional Growth

Ultimately, like the catalyst that remains unchanged yet changes everything around it, a single insight can spark profound personal transformation, elevating your entrepreneurial journey to one of ease, fun, and fulfilment. 



At The Entrepreneur's Doctor, we serve as catalysts. We spark insights that revitalise your entrepreneurial spirit so you can navigate challenges and bring your aspirations to life.



Experience the Impact of an Insight 


There are multiple ways we can work together to revitalise your entrepreneurial spirit, bring your aspirations to life, and navigate challenges. They include:

Catalyst Call: A complimentary 1:1 session where we can explore a specific topic that you need help with (limited to one per client). All prospective clients will have a no obligation Catalyst Call prior to enrolling in either of the two programmes below. Watch an example here.

Catalyst Retreat: 2-day virtual retreat to spark the insights you need to come alive and create your aspirations (learn more here).

Catalyst Concierge: Ongoing coaching to offer the support you need (includes Catalyst Retreat). 


You may learn more about pricing and apply to join the waitlist by entering your name and email address below. 


We're not just about insights; we're about creating a movement. This movement is about dismantling the barriers that stand between entrepreneurs and their potential, fostering a global network of thought leaders and innovators who are ready to challenge the status quo and make a lasting impact.


By joining us, you're not just evolving as an entrepreneur; you're helping lay the foundation for a future where businesses are vehicles for positive change.


"Whoever travels without a guide, needs 200 years for a 2-day journey." - Rumi

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Watch A Catalyst Call In Action

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Meet Dr. Behrooz Behbod 


Dr Behrooz serves as a trusted guide towards a new way of thinking and being in your business life. Leveraging his profound expertise as a Harvard & Oxford trained specialist physician in population health and wellbeing, Dr. Behrooz offers transformative catalyst calls that go to the heart of your entrepreneurial concerns. Please note that while Dr. Behrooz is a doctor, this catalyst coaching service is not focused on medical, psychological, or health advice. Instead, it's a transformative experience tailored to propel your personal and professional growth.



Join The Waiting ist 


Start your transformation with a short application form, reviewed by Dr. Behrooz, to ensure a tailored fit. Our service is co-created, focusing on your unique challenges and aspirations.


  • Tailored Sessions: From one-hour sessions to two-day personal retreats or ongoing coaching.
  • Bespoke Insights: Ensure insights that resonate with your personal and business desires.


Apply only if you're committed to exploring profound, insightful changes that redefine entrepreneurial success. Dr. Behrooz will personally reach out once a spot opens up.



Complimentary Audiobook: A Happy, Peaceful Life


While waiting, dive into our complimentary audiobook, offering insights into achieving a fulfilling life alongside a flourishing business. Instant access is provided upon joining the waitlist.


Apply Now - Transform your business, transform your life.

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Book reviews


"If you wish to harness your passion for positive impact and transfer it into a thriving and joyful life, then Behrooz has you covered! With stage-by-stage fundamentals that are easy to grasp, his work truly has it all to inspire creativity, wellbeing, and productivity."



"This audio book takes you on an immersive journey of contemplation, learning and self discovery. Beautifully narrated, the author’s perspectives are shared with passion and heart, allowing a deep experience of how the mind works, how we live in the experience of our thinking, and how to navigate life with joy and grace." 



"I listened to this during a long car drive with my partner and we both found it to be relaxing and we felt inspired to look at some of the issues in our lives in a different way. I found it most enlightening."



Coaching reviews


I was feeling stuck and Behrooz helped me find huge value in my life experiences and gave me a solid framework to help me move my business forward.

Lucy Wilson, Shine Strong Revolution

“Dr Behrooz is smart. He is empathetic and generous. He wants to make you the best you. His coaching is excellent and I don't hesitate in recommending him.”

Lalita Taylor, BBC

I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey with Behrooz as my coach. I have sharpened my leadership skills to another level.

Barbara Minuzzo, International Safety Media Awards

This is excellent! Behrooz is an inspirational and thought provoking coach who knows how to build up his client’s confidence!

Deborah Da Costa, McGill University

“Since the 2 hour session I have done 5x that amount of thinking and writing to crystallise my business’ mission, vision for the future, and pathway to success.”

James Davidson, MedCourse

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 IMPORTANT: This coaching service is strictly for educational and informational purposes only and should not be considered as medical or professional advice. Dr. Behrooz Behbod and The Entrepreneur's Doctor do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any content presented and disclaim all liability for any errors or omissions. This content is not meant to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a healthcare professional for any medical issues or questions. Relying solely on the information provided here without consulting a medical professional could be detrimental to your health. Watching this video or interacting with Dr. Behrooz Behbod online does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship. Opinions expressed here, by Dr. Behbod or guests, may not reflect those of affiliated organizations, and endorsement of guest opinions is not implied. Our content aims to share insights from entrepreneurial experiences, with privacy preserved by altering names and scenarios. Any similarity to actual people or situations is coincidental and used to illustrate broader principles, not to offer specific advice. *All stock videos of children come from Veed.